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Trees ecosystems play a very significant role in environmental protection such asair purification, shades, windbreaks, noise pollution abatement and several other roles.Sadly, national data indicate that trees cover in most communities is on the decline in an alarming rate due to different factors.It’s upon these factors that CommunityForest as a project seek to reforest communities’ landscape through trees planting to bring back greening and trees cover lost over the years.

The projectCommunityForest is designed to transform communities through trees planting and management that would ultimately giveinstitutional partners the opportunityto provide safe, beautiful and fun space for families, children and the general public to enjoy when passing through the surroundings.


  • Wind breaks and Shades
  • Community pride. TREES helping to protect and restore quality environment for the community.
  • Air quality is improved by TREES
  • Trees reduce urban runoff and erosion by storing water and breaking the force of rain as it falls