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CorporateGreen Innovations is a green enterprise registered under the companies’ code of Ghana. We provide environmental services which seek to bring freshness on the natural environment through trees planting in good locations to reforest and beautify cities and towns.


Avenue tree planting is a project of CorporateGreen that seek to plant trees along or in medians of roadsin accordance with best practice methods Our projects take account of property boundaries and highway infrastructure, spacing between treesto ensure successful planting and establishment of the trees on a road. This Project object is to maintain the road landscape and beauty character through tree planting and eventually making difference in road infrastructure management.

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Trees ecosystems play a very significant role in environmental protection such asair purification, shades, windbreaks, noise pollution abatement and several other roles.Sadly, national data indicate that trees cover in most communities is on the decline in an alarming rate due to different factors.It’s upon these factors that CorporateForest as a project seek to reforest communities’ landscape through trees planting to bring back greening and trees cover lost over the years.

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